Mobile Technologies and there effects on life

Mobile Technology is Rapidly spread all over the world.Now a Days Mobile Technology is Necessary for the Communicate.We can easily communicate with the friends, Workers and the Students with the Mobile Technology.The Mobile technology is Developed Day by Day with the 3G,4G,5G.

Mobile Technology is the technology used for  communication. E.g: Mobile Phone, Tablets, Computer and GPS devices.

Mobile Technology Effect:

The mobile technology is very Harmful for Users and effect on Nervous system

The people who use it all day are stressed.

The more use of Mobile technology we can lose sleep.

Some people use mobile phones while Driving so the Chance of accidents increases.

New Mobile technologies are often costly.

The data of any company or business is not safe in Mobile technology.

People do not meet with each other because of all the ways people use mobile technology.

The distance between family and friends are no more with this technology.