Is it conceivable to make a Facebook page without an individual record?

Is it conceivable to make a Facebook page without an individual record?

Instructions to make a Facebook page without an individual record – There are numerous online journals on the web with these sorts of titles that give a total bit by bit manual for make a Facebook page without an individual profile.

Indeed, they were not off-base – the greater part of those articles are five to six years of age – some time ago you could make a business page without an individual profile however presently on the off chance that you follow those aides you will end not discovering the alternatives.

In any case, individuals are as yet inquisitive to discover the response to making a Facebook page without an individual record.

Here is the straightforward answer:


Throughout the long term, Facebook has changed its strategies of making another business page. Presently, business page needs a record to coordinate with the page. Facebook requires a head profile who runs the page and play out the jobs of administrators. This update has been made to guarantee the business’ validity.


I realize the vast majority like to keep their security unblemished and don’t have any desire to connect an individual ID with the business page.

As an answer, the vast majority of the Facebook page administrators make a pseudo profile for their Facebook pages and create various certifications.

As this arrangement is against the Facebook strategy, ultimately, it will got your phony profile thus does your page, which will be restricted on Facebook.

Make a Facebook Page without Individual Record

Make Another Business Profile (Not Phony Profile)

You can make a copy Facebook profile – arrangement profile with simply first name or epithet yet with certifiable qualifications – then, at that point you can set protection rules and keep your profile as covered up as could really be expected.

You can utilize this profile to make a Business Chief Record to isolate your own profile from your business.

That is the absolute best you will keep your own profile separate from your business page.

Make Facebook Business Record for Your Business Page

Subsequent to making another profile, go to Facebook Business Supervisor and follow these means.

(1)- Snap to make account on upper right corner

(2)- You should login from your Facebook account (new business profile).

(3)- You will be diverted to the business administrator, click “Make Record” alternative.

(4)- Enter your business name, your name and your business email address.

(5)- Enter additional data about your business like site, area, address, contact number and snap submit.

(6)- You will get an email affirmation on your email address.

That is it, after affirmation, your Facebook Business page is live now without an individual profile.

This business record will be available as a business chief on your profile.

By making your business page account, it isolates your page exercises from your own record. You can make your page and handle it by means of business administrator account.

You don’t have to go to your Facebook profile to deal with your page it.

Make a Page from Business Supervisor Record

Login to your business account on Facebook Business Supervisor and go to the setting on upper right corner.

On left sidebar, click the pages choice.

Snap the + Add alternative. In the event that you as of now have a Facebook, you can add into your business director account or, more than likely you can make another page.

By making a page from your business supervisor account, you can deal with your pages movement from your chief record, so you don’t have consolidate your own profile with your business exercises.

Profile Protection (discretionary)

In the event that you actually need security for that business account profile additionally, there are some protection settings that you ought to do.

The source that can show relationship of your page with your profile is the web search tool outside of Facebook. Here is the thing that you need to do get yourself far from being looked with your business.